Working after Retirement

23 Jul    Uncategorized

Working after retirement age can help preserve assets, ramp up contributions and delay Social Security for maximum benefits. An additional reward for staying engaged, is it helps slow aging.

Working after retirement allows you to:• Hold off withdrawing money from your retirement portfolios• Delay Social Security to maximize your benefits• Add to your retirement portfolio with Roth IRA contributions• Have better overall health and brain function because you’re staying connected

Above are some of the benefits from working after retirement. We have experienced specialists that can evaluate your unique retirement needs and recommend a strategy to meet your goals. We will review your current portfolio and recommend changesthat are more consistent with your retirement objectives. We can also advise you on long-term care planning, an important part of any retirement plan. 

Life Insurance Planning

Our insurance division is very strong and experienced! We maintain relationships with most major insurance companies and their underwriters. (See list below)

We have experts in the following areas:• Life Insurance• Health Insurance• Long-term Disability insurance• Long-term Care insurance

Some recent actual insurance cases completed/in progress:• A 33-year-old male purchased term insurance that provides death benefit protection.• A 45-year-old female (single mother with a teenage son) purchased permanent insurance to provide lifelongprotection for her family.• A 37-year-old business executive purchased permanent insurance for income replacement and he can also use the proceeds to pay potential estate taxes.• A 55-year-old business executive, together with his wife(high-net-worth), are purchasing second-to- die life insurance (also known as survivorship life insurance) in order to protect the value of their estates.

Call us today (516-338-8700, ext. 1236) to make an appointment to help you plan for retirement and a life insurance review.