Wealth Management Services

Wealth management encompasses comprehensive financial guidance beyond mere investment advice, addressing all aspects of an individual’s financial well-being. Consolidating services within a unified wealth management team streamlines the management process for all individuals despite their net-worth, offering tailored strategies for present and future financial goals. Shapiro Financial Planning Group offers an integrated approach to wealth management, ideal for those seeking comprehensive and cohesive financial solutions.

We employ a holistic wealth management strategy, crafting a personalized plan aligned with your financial circumstances, objectives, and risk tolerance, regularly revisiting and adjusting goals, portfolio allocations, and exploring supplementary services to not just meet but surpass your financial aspirations.

If you are new to wealth management there are some simple strategies to follow that will get you on the road to a better financial future. Here are 5 tips we like to offer to all of our clients regardless of the service we provide to them:

  1. Have Liquid Savings – While real estate, art, antiques and jewelry are excellent investments, their value can fluctuate over time. Having a financial plan that includes cash savings earning interest but available in case of emergency is a great start.
  2. Be Credit Wise – Having a credit card or taking out loans are great ways to build a line of credit but only if you can pay on time. Nothing hurts your financial stability more than bad credit.
  3. Set Achievable Financial Goals – Dreaming of owning a home, buying a new car or starting a business is fine but understanding what it takes financially to achieve those goals will make the dreams come true.
  4. Start Planning For Retirement…NOW – Your only young once and getting older is inevitable. Starting your retirement savings as soon as possible will put you in the best position to retire comfortably….and early.
  5. Create A Long Term Strategy – As with any plan it is best to look before you leap. Take a step back, take a lay of the land and plan your investment strategy for consistent, long term growth and you will find your dreams attainable and your future more secure.

Meet Our Partners:

  • Maple Capital
  • Merrill Lynch
  • Wedbush Securities
  • Equity Services, INC.

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