Employee Benefits

Reward Your Employees for Their Work

In a 2016 study performed by GlassDoor.com, three in five people indicated that benefits and perks were among their top determining factors in choosing a job. By now, most people have heard of some of the over-the-top perks offered by companies like Google and Amazon but most job seekers are not looking for mid-day yoga, snack carts and bring-your-dog-to-work options. What they are looking for are the benefits that will help to ensure that they and their family have access to good healthcare and that they have the ability to save for the future. These same benefits are often the ones that will help to ensure that your employees will remain part of your team for years to come. The reality for business owners is that the right benefits package offered can often mean the difference between building a cohesive, long lasting team or one that is more of a revolving door.

Work With an Expert

When it comes time to find the solution for all of your employee benefit questions, Stuart R. Shapiro, CPA/PFS is here to provide the dedicated support you need. With decades of experience, no one in the area is able to help you make the right choices for your team better, no matter what you have in mind. For everything from suggestions to implementation, we’ll be at your side every step of the way.

Make the Best Choices for You

One of the biggest investments you will make for the success of your business is taking care of your employees. The right benefits package is the first step. Let us show you the way.