College Planning

Get the Best Education Possible for Your Children

To achieve the American Dream we were taught to get good grades in high school, get a good college education and then finding a job will be easy.  However, a number of factors such as foreign-born job seekers and a growing move towards automation have created an environment where more job seekers are chasing fewer jobs. Additionally, the growing pool of job seekers chasing the shrinking pool of jobs means that the competition for these jobs seems more and more like the Olympic Games then what was once a simpler process. The importance of a good education is paramount for our children.

Thirty years ago, it was possible to put oneself through college. Today, it is almost impossible for a student to pay for college without some kind of financial assistance. When you want to give your children the best education possible, we can help you create the savings plan to achieve your goals.

Plan for Your Children’s Future

Whether you have a great state school or an Ivy League institution in mind for your children, it’s never too early to start planning. When you choose Stuart R. Shapiro, CPA/PFS, we can help you meet your needs. From opening accounts to deciding on asset allocations, our educated and aggressive experts will come up with the right financial path for you. Remember, this is not just about your child’s education, it is about you learning all that you can so that you can pass this knowledge on to your kids when they have kids.

See What We Can Do for You

  • Section 529 college savings plans
  • Coverdell education savings accounts
  • Brokerage accounts
  • Customized investment options
  • Asset allocations

When you want the best for your kids, a solid financial plan is what you need. With our assistance, this becomes one less worry that you have. For a free financial planning consultation, contact us today.