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Dec 15

Group Health Insurance

SFPG’s Group Health Insurance Division has top experts in the field and provides cutting edge strategies to reduce health Insurance cost while providing top quality health Insurance plans. This month we would like to recognize one of our team members Daniel Nessim. Daniel is the president and founder of A&C Management, a national leader in […]
Nov 1

Life Insurance You Don’t Have to Die to Use

When purchasing life insurance, Accelerated Benefits Riders, also called a Living Benefit, provide protection while you are living if you experience a qualifying terminal, chronic, critical illness or critical injury. With some polices there are no additional costs for this rider and it allows the policy holder to access the death benefit while living. You […]
Oct 10

Long-Term Investment Strategies

The current volatility in the financial markets is unsettling for investors. We all remember what happened in 2008. It is important to have a long-term investment strategy based on your financial goals and life plans. Below is a list of long-term investment strategies. These strategies are the key to doing well over the long run. […]
Aug 11

Insurance Division

The Shapiro Financial Planning Group has a deep and very strong insurance division representing over 50 major insurance companies. We work closely with underwriters to ensure that our clients get the best rates. Our focus is you: the client comes first and we are not motivated by commissions. We have experts in every area of […]
Jun 30

Retirement Diversification

“It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.” — Yogi Berra Certainly, the above quote applies to retirement. But that doesn’t mean you should not plan for it. It used to be easier. You worked for the same company for 30 or 40 years and retired with a pension and social security benefits. Today, […]
Dec 31

Life Insurance Planning

The Shapiro Financial Planning Group has a large, experienced life insurance team that works closely with underwriters to ensure you get the best rate.  Their underwriting relationships, cultivated over many years, allow them to obtain life insurance for individuals that are older or suffering from an existing medical condition.  So, don’t let medical issues stop […]
Nov 29

The Team

The Shapiro Financial Planning Group consists of a team of experienced financial advisors and support personnel. Our goal is to provide the best in every area of financial planning services which includes: Comprehensive Financial Plans Research and Development Tax Credit Consulting Insurance Planning at every level Wealth Management Services Retirement Planning Employee Benefits Commercial and […]
Sep 11

Proper Asset Allocation

We are living in a very uncertain world and investors should be concerned because it looks like these volatile times could continue. There has been a decline in business investment spending and some indicators are pointing toward a possible recession. According to Merrill Lynch, “for the markets to return to an upward trend the Fed […]
Sep 11

Why You Need a Financial Plan

A comprehensive Financial Plan will give you a secure financial future. Every day, it gives you peace of mind that you are working toward your life goals. With a comprehensive wealth management plan prepared by a certified financial planner, you will have the savings and investments you need for retirement, education funding and major purchases. […]