Author: Stuart Shapiro

Feb 19

When, and If, To Say When

As you approach your golden years, you may want to consider if retirement is right for you. When we were young, we were told that we needed to study hard and get a good job so we could retire comfortably. For many of us, this was a no-brainer, and some have been more successful than […]
Jan 17

Keeping the Golden Years Golden

Just because you retired doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still spend wisely. So you made it! Retired, at last, all that is to be done now is to relax, work on the golf game, see the world and spend time with the grandkids. Your golden years have arrived, and you are on cruise control, right? Not […]
Oct 9


Recently Shapiro FPG Founder & President, Stuart Shapiro, sat down with A&C Management Founder and President Danny Nessim to discuss the benefits of PEOs and working with A&C. Stuart – “Danny, let’s start off with the most basic question for business owners who are not aware but what is a PEO?” Danny – “Professional Employer […]
Aug 13

How Much is Just Enough

Where you are on the risk tolerance scale can help you navigate volatile investing markets. Take calculated risks. That is quite different from being rash. Gen. George S. Patton Risk tolerance is a constantly running theme in the investment world but also throughout life. You take a risk when you move to a new state, […]
May 18

Reelin’ In the Years, Striking a Sour Note

How a disputed buy-sell agreement challenges the Steely Dan brand Steely Dan, the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Rock/Jazz fusion band has an amazing history with numerous songs that can get toes tapping and heads swaying. But with the death of founding member Walter Becker, heads are throbbing due to avoidable legal woes. Becker’s […]
Apr 3

PEOs – What They Are And Why You Need To Know

Professional Employer Organizations or PEOs can help small to medium sized companies offer their employees Fortune 500 level benefits and services while reducing administrative burdens.   If your company is interested in learning more about PEOs and how they can help you to help your employees, contact us today to start the conversation.