Author: Stuart Shapiro

Jan 23

Taxes and the Empire State – The Air Is Next

Who needs horror movies when you are a tax-paying resident of New York The end of the first year of the Trump Presidency saw the administration follow through on one of its biggest campaign promises, tax reform. Across the nation private tax-payers and business owners alike are celebrating some much needed financial freedom and the […]
Jan 1

The New Tax Law and You

A campaign promise kept will revive the US economy so private taxpayers and business owners need to be on their toes. Whenever a new presidential administration is in place the promises of the campaign trail slowly (and sometimes quietly) fall to the wayside as ‘bigger issues’ rear their heads. More often than not, the very […]
Nov 7

6 Myths That Can Ruin Your Retirement

No matter where you are in terms of your retirement, you are probably being bombarded with facts and figures and tips and tricks to enrich your golden years. While we at Shapiro Financial Planning are more than happy to offer advice and hard data for you to make decisions about your investments, we also believe […]